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The designer is Carl Chudyk and its current publisher is Asmadi Games.

The goal of the game is to acquire a certain amount of achievements (dependent on number of players), this is done through the playing and activating of cards and their effects.
Innovation is my is my second favorite game at the moment and I don't even know where to begin in its praises! Well first off there are 2 and only two actions that you take on your turn.
With those actions you can:
1)draw a card of value equal to the highest card on your board (or 1 higher if there isn't one in that available numeric pile). 
2) Meld a card: play a card face up from your hand onto your board. in the pile of it's color.
3)activate a card doing all of the activate abilities on the card face or any echo effects that are showing on that card or ones that are beneath it that are showing due to being splayed in a certain direction.
4) Achieve take a available achievement from the center of the play area that you have enough score for (points that are in your score pile and in round circles with laurels under their number on card faces), and have a card of equal value showing as atop card on your board.
 The game end when one player makes then target number of achievements depending on the number of players there is a chart, or when one player needs to draw a ten car and cannot because there are none left. 
 In the pictures above you will see examples of cards splayed left, right and up. Up is the best then right then left. 
When activating a card other players may be able to take advantage of it's effects if they have equal too or more then the symbol that is used to activate the card. Above you will see some crowns, factories, and  light bulbs. and there also other symbols that are there as well like the sunglasses and the stethoscope as are in the cards above these are extras that ma come into effect if requested by other cards in the game.
Whenever another player benefits from an effect on one of your cards you will draw a card.

The game re-playability is absolutely awesome on this and I could play it 10 times in a row easily without getting tired of it the expansion is a MUST, in set up you don't put out all of the cards so the game has different card compositions in it every time. You can have a terrible board position and still be in the game and win you never 100% know what is going to happen. I have on more then one occasion come from the brink of destruction and won when it looked hopeless and lost when it looked like opponents had zero hope at all of pulling it out. The game plays GREAT with any number of the 2-5 players when the expansion is added I say again that the expansion is a MUST! I love the simple yet well done art on the cards it is not so busy that it detracts from game play or too badly done so that you are disgusted.The size of the game is great too you can carry it anywhere! A 10!!!! 

Here are my game plays:

Here is more information: 

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